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Fire pumps and portable pumps

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Vehicle Mounted Pump NP 3000


Warranty is provided for all vehicles. The warranty period begins from the date of sale. The consumer (owner, lessee) has a right for warranty service during the warranty period, if the following conditions are met.

Warranty for superstructure and equipment




1 500 cycles

warranty period

Technical specifications

Type: Vehicle Mounted Pump NP3000
Nominal data: 3000 l/min at 10 Bar and 3,5 m suction height

Coupling power – 79 kW

Nominal speed – 3000 rpm

Pump: Single stage centrifugal pump
Logo: Name plate RU PRIORITET
Material: Impeller, pump casing and casing cover made of seawater-resistant Aluminium alloy pump shaft made of stainless steel
Rotation: Clockwise, see at the drive flange of the pump
Drive: Drive flange DN 120 RU
Bearing: Maintenance free, without oil
Shaft sealing: Mechanical seal, dirty- and seawater resistant maintenance free
Priming system: VACUMAT, automatic air escape system, manual ON/automatic off, 0…8 m suction height, only working in time of suction, oil free, maintenance free
Suction inlet: Basis (flange NW 125), without sealing ring, suction sieve DN 125
Pressure outlet: Basis (front flange 168 x 107 mm) (top flange diameter 80 mm)
Voltage: 24 V DC
Safety unit: Thermical valve (overheating protection) with 1,2 m flexible hose
Drainage: Drain cock on the lowest points of pump casing in order to drain the water from pump casing
Panel: Without
Accessory: Foam Mixer PV 200

Manual “Round the pump” foam mixer, suction from external (e.g. jerry can) or internal (foam tank) and mixing to the water at pump suction inlet, manual adjustable foam flow with ball valve and scale (1…6%),

–> scale according customer drawing

foam flow 0…200 l/min, max. inlet pressure +0,5 bar (tank operation), without 90° elbow on nozzle inlet, separate delivery in box include rubber hose, fixings for hose, ball valve for driver line –> parts mounted without thread sealant

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