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PRIORITET – is a solidary professional team of high-qualification specialists, making every effort to provide the final customer with handy, functional, reliable special-purpose equipment. Individual approach to each customer, well-managed logistics, competent management and marketing decisions, experienced personnel, modern technologies and equipment, quality control at each stage of the production process, after-sales and warranty service – all this allows to fulfill orders of any complexity level in the shortest possible time and to be one of the leading players on the Russian market of special purpose equipment.


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Latest news and publications

9 October 2023


The final of the high-speed maneuvering competition on fire trucks “Trassa-01” took place in St. Petersburg near the walls of the Gazprom Arena stadium on September 16. Vehicles of “Prioritet” production, which have been in operation in fire departments of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region for several years, took part in the event. In […]

21 August 2023

Fire fighting vehicle ATs -5,0-40/4 on the chassis Hongyan was sent to Kazakhstan

One more truck manufactured by “Prioritet” Ltd. was sent to the “Fire Protection Center” Ltd. in Kazakhstan. In addition to modern fire-fighting equipment, the tanker ATs -5.0-40/4 on the chassis Hongyan 4×4 is equipped with an alarm for the open position of compartments and cab’s doors, with a rear-view camera, reverse drive alarm, strobe lights […]

17 August 2023

Water foam Tower WFT-48 on the chassis Kamaz 65222 was supplied to Arctic LNG 2

Yet another successful joint product of “Prioritet” and |”Hyundai Everdigm Corporation” – water foam tower WFT-48 on the chassis Kamaz 65222, was sent for combat duty in the Arctic LNG-2. The uniqueness of the truck lies in the fact, that the chassis and superstructure are made in accordance with the climate version for cold macroclimatic […]

11 August 2023

Representatives of Hyundai Everdigm Corporation conducted training for employees of Prioritet Ltd.

At the end of 2022, the Prioritet plant was awarded the honorary title of the best Hyundai Everdigm Corporation dealer in the Russian Federation. In 2023, the companies successfully continue mutually beneficial cooperation and close collaboration on the commissioning and provision of services for the supplied superstructures. In the last week of July, representatives of […]

1 August 2023

220th anniversary of the St. Petersburg Fire Department

Ceremonial events, dedicated to 220th anniversary of the St. Petersburg Fire Department, were held on June 30. That day in 1803, emperor Alexander I signed nominal decree, according to which the first professional fire fighters team was created on Neva river. Governor of St. Petersburg Alexander Beglov, Minister of the Russian Federation for Civil Defense, […]

29 June 2023

Five units of equipment manufactured by “Prioritet” Ltd. were sent to the Leningrad Regional Fire and Rescue Service

In the last week of June, the Prioritet plant sent 4 units of ATs-6.0-40  and 1 unit of PNS-130 on the chassis Kamaz-43118 to the Leningrad Region. Regular delivery of fire trucks to the State Public Institution “Leningrad Regional Fire and Rescue Service” shows f the reliability and proper quality of the products, which are […]

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