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“Prioritet” Ltd., located in the Chelyabinsk region, Miass, is one of the largest Russian manufacturers of fire fighting vehicles with a continuous production cycle for over 25 years. Production facilities of the company is more than 5000 square meters, workforce is more than 200 employees. Based upon the advancing strategy, which allows to stay ahead of the curve, the company is confidently developing and ranks high among the leading manufacturers of special purpose trucks.

The mission of “Prioritet” company is the production of highly efficient fire-fighting equipment, saving human lives and health.

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With over 15 product lines and over 500 designs, PRIORITET has a very broad product range. Realizing its marketing strategy, PRIORITET is moving towards its aim of becoming a global manufacturer of special purpose vehicles. According to the results of the year 2018, the company exports its products to 25 countries, constantly expanding its market reach.

History of the company


Company establishment. Wholesale supply of fire fighting equipment.


Sale of fire-fighting vehicles of various fire-fighting truck manufacturers.


Production of the first fire fighting vehicle from purchased components.


Production of fire fighting vehicles with own components. Start of production of fire fighting vehicles on the ZIL 131 chassis.


Establishment of the holding of enterprises with limited company “Zavod spetsialnogo oborudovaniya” for the manufacture of body superstructures and components for fire fighting vehicles.


Start-up of new models of trucks on URAL chassis. Production of aerial ladder platforms.


Widening of range of the vehicles on URAL chassis, production of new models on chassis KAMAZ, modification of special purpose vehicles for adjustment of aerial ladder platforms. Production of fire-fighting pumping stations.


Purchase of own production and office premises, with a total area of 2000 sq.m.


Purchase of repair and maintenance enterprise with a total area of 4 hectares. A new chapter in the company development is the cooperation with the federal structures of Ministry of Emergency Situations. Successful passing of tests of multi-authority commission of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.


Production of fire fighting truck AZ-3.0-40 (4308). Cooperation with leading foreign manufacturers of fire fighting equipment. In collaboration with the German company Meinicke, the technology of assembling superstructures on an aluminum frame without welding is used for the first time. The first participation in the exhibition. Certification of the quality management system for compliance with the requirements of the international standard ISO-9001.


Commissioning of factory workshop №2.


Development of new market segments. Governmental Resolution on the recommendation of vehicles, manufactured by Prioritet Ltd. for use in extinguishing forest fires. Production startup of fire-fighting vehicle with high capacity pump and big amount of hoses PANRK 4/1,2-130 (6370), produced within the frame of Research and Advanced Development by order of Fire Safety Research Institute of Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia. Big contract for the supply of vehicles to Nizhny Novgorod.


Building partnership relations with world renowned manufacturer of fire pumps JOHSTADT. Prioritet Ltd. is an authorized representative of the company. A new direction has been mastered – ladder trucks.


Delivery of fire fighting vehicles to South America, Republic of Uruguay. Commissioning of factory workshop №3.


The first delivery of fire trucks to Africa. Delivery of fire fighting vehicles for Federal Correctional Service. First deliveries of fire fighting vehicles to Chelyabinsk. Production of armoured special purpose vehicles.


Fulfillment of the big contract for delivery of trucks to Yakutia. Entry into a market of airport firefighting vehicles. Start of repair and restoration of ice resurfacer. Realization of AZ-3 project with dozer blade and crane manipulator. Аutomobile factory “URAL” has assigned a honourable status of Strategic Partner to “PRIORITET” Ltd. Logistics service has been taken to the next level: a new Volvo FM tractor truck with Schmitz semitrailer has been bought.


Production start-up of fuelling trucks on chassis KAMAZ. Production of trucks with CAFS system for Russian Federation Ministry of Emergencies. Production of airport firefighting vehicles on chassis URAL.


Development and implementation of the aerial ladders on chassis KAMAZ. Production of new models on chassis IVECO CARGO, DAILY. Delivery of vehicle assembly sets and its assembling in Africa.


Several big contracts for the supply of airport firefighting vehicles to foreign partners. Expansion of equipment stock of the enterprise. Fulfilment of a big contract for the Ministry of Emergency Situations. Production of fire and rescue vehicles on chassis URAL Next. The business of the company «Prioritet» is certified in accordance with GOST R ISO 9001-2015 (ISO 9001: 2015).


Production of brand-new vehicles - foam fire fighting vehicle APTm (with mast), assigned to carry out operations at the enterprises of the petrochemical industry and in places of storage of oil products. Company exports its products to 25 countries, constantly expanding its market reach.

Strategic partnership

As a result of more than 15 years cooperation on May 19, 2015 automobile factory “URAL” has assigned a honourable status of Strategic Partner to “PRIORITET” Ltd. PRIORITET has mastered the widest range of fire-fighting vehicles on chassis URAL in Russia, including unique, unparalleled models of special fire-fighting vehicles.
On January 1, 2016, the largest manufacturer of heavy trucks in Russia KAMAZ has signed strategic partnership agreement with Prioritet. That was another step in creating a competitive model range of fire trucks in terms of performance and cost.
Prioritet has been producing range of light duty firefighting vehicles on GAZ chassis for more than 10 years. Work on new R&D projects for designing municipal maneuverable firefighting vehicles with high-pressure water mist units is in progress. A new design of a cross-country fire truck on GAZ chassis for extinguishing fires in both urban and forest conditions is being developed.
Since 2012, “Prioritet” Ltd. has been closely cooperating with the Russian manufacturer IVECO-AMT, producing various models of fire-fighting vehicles, such as APT, AR, AZ, PNS, AOPT and APP on the IVECO chassis.

Our customers

Our partners

«Certificate of Appreciation for longstanding effective partnership, production and delivery of high-quality equipment, active development and promotion of innovative technologies in the field of fire safety»

Nikolaev Igor Nikolaevich
Head of the State Fire Service
of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)

“Letter of appreciation on behalf of the Government of the Komi Republic and on behalf of the Head of the Komi Republic for assistance in developing the material and technical base of the republican firefighting service and promotion of the region security.”

Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Gaizer
Head of the Komi Republic

“Gratitude for the fruitful joint cooperation, manufacture and delivery to the Vodokanal Rescue Center of reliable modern fire fighting equipment to ensure the safety of city-owned premises of St. Petersburg”

Alexander Borisovich Boiko
Director of ZAO “ASCV”

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