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Vehicles with foam fire extinguishing system


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Автомобиль пенного тушения АПТ-7,5-70

Foam extinguishing vehicle APT-7.5-70 is designed to deliver fire fighting crew, foam agent and fire fighting equipment for extinguishing with water and air-mechanical foam to the place of fire. It is used to extinguish fires with the help of air-mechanical foam at the facilities of production, processing, storage of oil and gas, as well as other combustible flammable substances. APT-7.5-70 (43118) is capable to deliver 3 people of the fire fighting crew (including the driver) to the place of fire. The truck is equipped with a tank for a fire extinguishing agent with a capacity of 7.5 cubic meters.


Warranty is provided for all vehicles. The warranty period begins from the date of sale. The consumer (owner, lessee) has a right for warranty service during the warranty period, if the following conditions are met.

Warranty for superstructure and equipment




1 500 cycles

warranty period

Technical specifications

ШАССИ КАМАЗ-43118 6х6  
ПОЖАРНАЯ НАДСТРОЙКА Цельнометаллическая конструкция Двери распашного типа / шторные двери  
БАК ДЛЯ ПЕНООБРАЗОВАТЕЛЯ 7 500 л, пластик/ нержавеющая сталь  
НАСОСНАЯ УСТАНОВКА НЦПН-70/100 Производительность 70 л/с, напор 100 м Расположение: в заднем отсеке  
СТВОЛ ПОЖАРНЫЙ ЛАФЕТНЫЙ Производительность 40 л/с
КАБИНА 2-дверная, 3-местная
ГАБАРИТНЫЕ РАЗМЕРЫ 8,7 х2,5 х 3,35 м  
ПОЛНАЯ МАССА 20 710 кг

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