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Fire pumps and portable pumps

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Portable pump ZL 800


Warranty is provided for all vehicles. The warranty period begins from the date of sale. The consumer (owner, lessee) has a right for warranty service during the warranty period, if the following conditions are met.

Warranty for superstructure and equipment




1 500 cycles

warranty period

Technical specifications


Portable pump ZL800

Performance: 500 l/min at 8 bar and 3m suction height


Pump: Single-stage centrifugal pump
Material: Impeller, pump casing and casing cover

made of seawater-resistant Aluminium alloy

pump shaft made of stainless steel

Engine : Briggs & Stratton, 2-cylinder 4-stroke gasoline engine, air-cooling system, manual and electrical starter, starter

battery, alternator for battery charging, plug

box for external battery charger or equipment

Shaft sealing Mechanical seal, dirty- and seawater resistant, maintenance free
Priming system: VACUMAT, automatic air escape system, manual ON/automatic off, 0…8 m suction height, only working in time of suction, oil free, maintenance free


Suction inlet: GOST coupling system

Inlet GOST 80 with blank cap with chain, suction sieve

Pressure outlet: GOST coupling system

2 pressure outlet with pressure screw down

valve and coupling 50, blank cap with chain

1 additional pressure outlet


Supply: Hour meter, vacuum meter and  pressure gauge, carry frame with 4 handles

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